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Below are pictured some of the West Lafayette Public Library Board members and a brief history based on information from the minutes. Note that there are many Board Members not pictured as the site is continually updated. Feel free to direct any questions or comments for historical research to those listed on the contact page.

John C. Allen

From his very early support as a subcriber in 1922, John Allen later served as a member of the Building and Grounds committee on the Public Library board and was committeed to spreading the services of the library to the community.


Jacob Cunningham
Appointed by the West Lafayette town board in 1921, Jacob Cunningham was very active on the West Lafayette Public Library board during its first decade. As first chairman of the Finance Committee, Cunningman's diligence in securing funds (by subscription) for a burgeoning public library ensured its future success. Cunningham also later served as President of the Board before retiring.


Mrs. F. C. Gaylord
Mrs. Gaylord is one of the founding members of the West Lafayette Public library. Her support of the institution often went beyond her duties as a board member; for example she was a continued subcriber to the public library for its first five years.


Myron Morgan
One of the founding committee members of the West Lafayette Public Library, Myron Morgan's efforts for the Board greatly aided the library's early years, especially during its transition from the town hall to a new building.


Ethel McQueen
From her first position on the Buildings and Grounds commitee at the library's founding, Ethel McQueen's dedication and labor for the library continued for over 20 years. Throughout her career as a Board member, Mrs. McQueen served many roles including Vice-President and Secretary. She retired in 1940, and the Board made special note of her essential service to the community in the minutes for that meeting.


Carolyn Shoemaker
Purdue Dean Carolyn Shoemaker, a founding member of the West Lafayette Public Library, first served on the Books committee and was essential in building the library's first collection from meager beginnings. Her efforts later proved to bring the collection to over 5000 volumes only a decade after the library's creation. Dean Shoemaker served many roles on the Public Library Board including President and Vice-President.


W. R. Smith
Appointed by the Town Board in 1921, W. R. Smith first served on the Buildings and Grounds committee, but later proved essential the library's growth in many other roles including Secretary and Vice-President of the Library Board.


Everett Vawter
Everett Vawter, as the first President of the West Lafayette Public Library Board and a founding member of the institution, gave over 20 years of service to the library. Throughout the 1930s, Vawter served as chairman of the Finance Committee through some of the library's toughest and, with his efforts, most rewarding years for the community.



Other Historic Photos


*Please note that this website is currently under construction and does not reflect all West Lafayette Public Library Board members. Please direct questions or comments to those listed on the contact page.