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West Lafayette Ind. Jan. 10, 1922

The Public Library Board met in the office of the High School building with the following members present

Everett B. Vawter, Grace H. Price, Jacob B. Cunningham, W. R. Smith, Mrs. Mcqueen, W. R. Downs.

The President of the board called for the reading of the minutes of the previous meetings. They were read and approved as read.

Mr. Cunningham reported for the committee on finance stating that letters and statements had been mailed to all who had subscribed to the Library fund, that $5.00 had been paid in[.] he requested that the members of the board guess who the party was that had paid in the first money for the Library fund not receiving the information he promised to give the persons name before the close of the meeting which he failed to do.

The Committee on constitution and bilaws were not ready to make a report.

Mrs. Price was appointed as a committee to write up the facts regarding the organizing of the Public Library giving them in detail so they could be made a part of the records shown on the secretarys book.

Responding to the letter written by Mrs. Price and Mr. [Wm] jr. Hamilton secretary and state organizer was present at the meeting. The president called on him for a speech, he responded by saying he had no set speech but was here to answer any questions he could regarding the organizing and conducting the business of a Library. He gave us much valuable information regarding township support. The choosing of the librarian [methods] pf lee[ong repcrds. A suggested constitution and bilaws and many other valuable items of information.

After conferring with Mr. Hamilton for nearly two hours the meeting adjourned

Everett B. Vawter – Pres.

W. E. Downs – Secretary

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