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W. Lafayette Ind – Nov. 7 – 1922

The Public Library Board met in High School Building. The meeting was called to oder by President with following members as present:

E. B. Vawter

Grace H. Price

Jacob B. Cunningham

W. R. Smith

Ethel B. McQueen

Motion made by Mr. Smith and carried that Ethel McQueen act as sec. On account of Mr. Downs' absence.

Minutes of last meeting read and accepted. Mr. Cunningham reported the following subscriptions having been paid


Oct. 3

Mrs. W. F. Perkins


Oct. 4

Prof. George L. Roberts


Oct. 4

Dr. Eduard G. Mahin


Oct. 9

Dr. Howard G. [Enders]


Oct. 19

Dr. Ellsworth Williams


Oct. 20

Mrs. [Haurel] J. Eastburn


Oct. 21

Frank M. [Best]


Oct. 24

Miss Penelope V. [Blackrr]


Oct. 27

Prof. F. A. Gaylord


Oct. 30

Prof. J. W. Schuab


Nov. 1

Francis W. Wilson


Nov. 2

[W.] G. Lloyd


Total 94.56

Total receipts to Oct. 2nd 1457.69

Total receipts to date 1552.25

Report accepted.

Mr. Cunningham reported Buildings & Grounds com. Had secured possession of Town Hall upstairs for West Lafayette Library from Town Board of Trustees on Oct. 9th 1922.

A previous meeting of the Building & Grounds com. Was reported at which time bids as following were received – for papering -

May & [Waves] = Papering with 40c paper $2-/1-

Hanging 15.10, [----] @ 20c

Total $35.70

  1. C. [----] - Taking off old paper – fill works hanging new paper – room & hall labor $52.00 cash of 40c paper $24.00 [----]$6.00 Total $82.00

Bid of May & [Waves] accepted -

Bid rec.d of Jan [Wattrson] for washing off all wood furnish or wood work of Town Hall upstairs & give same 2 coats of varnish & [----] where needed $30.00

Bids for plumbing I.e. [----] & furnishing, closet, lavatory – bring sewer from alley & cover with same – water supply to be connected with down stairs supply – with stop & waste control.

E. R. lass $232.00. S H. [Warit] $134.00

Motion made and carried that action of [lease] in accepting bids of May & Davis, for [----] on & S. F. Martin be approved. The wall paper to be selected by Mrs. Price & Mrs. Mcqueen.

Mr. Vawter reported Miss Hartley of State Library [worn mission] [been---] Oct. 10th for purpose inspecting location record for [Lineary] & offering su q. questions in regard to arrangement of books, reading room etc. Mr. Vawter also reported having received a suggested book list for $500.00, and an application for position of Librarian from Miss Ida Willis of Crawfordsville.

The sec. Was instructed to write a note of thanks to Miss Penelope V. Blakrr for her donation of $25.00, also to inform the Board of Trustees of W. LaFayette that the terms of W. R. Smith & J. B. Cunningham [4----] Nov. 21- 1922 were to expire.

Also vote by Judge of Circuit Court that the term of Carolyn Shoemaker 4 [----] Nov. 14 – 1922.

The following bills repoted by Mr. Cunningham were allowed & ordered paid.

Harry A. Wallis – 2 electric light bulbs – 70c

Scott Ackerson – scraping paper – 1.50

Laurel [Suare] – Tearing down fixtures of wood – 2.00

Meeting adjounred

E. B. Vawter – Pres.

Ethel B. McQueen Sec. Pro. Temp.


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