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West LaFayette Ind. Dec. 5 – 1922

The Public Library Board met in the Town Hall with the following members present:

E. B. Vawter

J.B. Cunningham

Carolyn Shoemaker

Grace H. Price

F.A. Burtsfield

Ethel B. McQueen

Meeting called to order by the President & minutes of last meeting read & approved.

The certificates of the re-appointment of Mr. Cunningham & Mr. Smith for two years from Nov. 21-1922 by the Town Board of Trustees were presented. Also certificate of appointment by the School Board of F.A. Burtsfield for the [unexplained] term of Mr. Downs. Mr. Downs term would leave 4 [----] Nov. 23rd – 1923. Certificate was presented for the re-appointment of Carolyn Shoemaker by the Judge of the Circuit Court for two years from Nov. 14 – 1992.

Mr. Cunningham reported our subscriptions received Nov. 10 – 1922 Martin L. Fisher 4.96 since last report.


Previous collections 1552.25

Total received to Dec. 5 – 1922 1557.21


Building & Grounds com. Reported bids for [-----] received as follows:

Lafayette Lumber Co. $65.70

[Manger] Lib. Co. $60.00

Action of com. Approved in accepting bid of Manger Lumber co.

Mr. Vawter read a letter from Miss [Yailliey] of the State Library commission in regard to Miss deeds of Oxford Ind. as a Librarian. Also the application of Mrs. Eva Dickey of West Lafayette was read and the [previous] application of Mrs. Babbs of Williamsport to several members of the Board was reported.

The Sec. was instructed to get in touch with Miss Deeds of Oxford Ind. Or any other Librarian whose names might be presented.


The following bills were allowed & ordered paid:

S. F. Martin – plumbing - $134.00

A. L. [Gabler] – Book for Town Clerk - $1.75


Meeting adjourned.

E. B. Vawter – Pres.

Ethel B. McQueen – sec. Pro. temp


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