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West LaFayette Public Library – Jan. 6, 1925

The West LaFayette Public Library Board met in regular session with the following members present: J. B. Cunningham, Mrs. McQueen, Mrs. Price, Miss Shoemaker, Mr. W. R. Smith, and F. A. Burtsfield.

The meeting was called to order by the president Mr. Cunningham, and the secretary's report was read and approved.

The following bills were allowed and ordered paid:

[Cheadle] Stores – Xmas Tree


Howard Creviston – Janitor


Mrs. Eva Dickey – Dec. Salary


Gaylord Bros – Supplies


The H. R. Hunting Co. - Books


LaFayette Telephone Co – Rent


New Method Book Binding


[Wolzver] Elec. Co. - Light bulbs


W. R. Smith – Postage


Total – 173.74

The finance committee reported the estimate of the budget required for the year beginning Jan. 1, 1924 and ending Dec. 31, 1925 as follows:

Estimated Income -

Amount rec'd from taxation during year 1924 – 2651.71

Estimated amount to be rec'd from taxation during year 1925 – 2700.00

Estimated expenditures-

Books, binding & periodicals – 1100.00

Salary of Librarian and Assistants – 1000.00

Janitor & Supplies – 125.00

Fuel – 100.00

New Furniture – 100.00

Repairs and Upkeep – 100.00

Postage, Freight & Express – 75.00

Incidentals – 100.00

Total – 2700.00

Signed W. R. Smith, Grace H. Price, Ethel B. McQueen

Motion was made and approved that the above budget be accepted as a working basis until June 30, 1925, when the passed budget or or a new one to fit our needs be made for the discal year beginning July 1, 1925 and ending June 30, 1926.

The Librarian's report was received and ordered filed.

The Librarian gave the following report of the Contingent fund:

Balance Dec.2, 1924 – 3.81

Fines during month – 8.80

Expenditures – 7.45

Balance Jan. 5, 1924 – 5.16

By consent the House Committee was asked to investigate needs for new lights and shelving, and to prepare recommendations for the next regular meeting.

The amount of 75.00 was allowed for the purchase of new books during the month of January.

The terms of the offices of the officers of the Board having expired, an election was held with the following results:

President – J. B. Cunningham

Vice Pres. - E. B. Vawter

Secretary – F. A. Burtsfield

There being no further business the Board adjourned.

J. B. Cunningham – Pres.

F. A. Burtsfield – Sec.


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