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April 6, 1926

The Library Board met for business with all members present but W. R. Smith & Mrs. McQueen. In the absence of the sec., Mr. Vawter was request to act for the evening.

Mr. W. A. Immel, architect & builder was present & at the request of the building committee presented plans for the building of a 20X20 ft. one story addition to west end of present Library structure and after leaving Mr. Immel & getting from him a rather delicate idea of the cost of such addition the members of the Board present approved favorable to the prospect and asked the Building & Grounds Com. To further canvass the situation & make some recommendation to the Board at an early date.

Mr. Cunningham, members of Br. & G. Com. Reported settlement with insurance companies on account of damage by fire to Building & Construction, the amount having been agreed upon $202.78 being quite satisfactory tot he Board.

Mr. Cunningham was further requested to see to the removal of a certain fireplace on accounts which would expire before another meeting. It was suggested that the amount now in force of $15.00 be raised to $2000.00.

The Librarian submitted the usual report as to the workings of the Library for the last month, which report was quite gratifying to the Board.

The Book Com. Made recommendation of a magazine list – which order was to be placed with Mr. DeLong to bill for same being allowed along with other bills as follows:

Earl Cass – replacing heater


Decker Bros. - Books


Mrs. Dickey – Salary


Margaret Dickey – assist. Lib.


Dodd, Mead & Co. - Encyclopedia


Hunting Co. - Books


Henry Poor Lumber Co.


LaFayette Tel. Co.


Lyman Coal Co.




Robt. Perkins – Janitor


A J. DeLong – Magazines


Total – 423.13

Mrs. Dickey made a report as to fines received being $10.70 there being now a balance of $15.25 in the contingent fund. She asked that she be permitted to subscribe to the “Book List” which to this time had been furnished us by the State Board with no cost to us. There being no further business the Board adjourned.

F. A. Burtsfield

E. B. Vawter – Sec. Pro tem.


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