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April 26, 1926


A motion was made and seconded and unanimously approved by the Library Board tha the following resolution be adopted:

“WHEREAS, the because of scarcity of room for necessary library purposes, improvement of the library building is required to make use of the down stairs portion and for the purpose of relieving the congestion of the present quarters and providing larger and more ample facilities for the work of the library, the Library Board has made full consideration of the matter and concludes than addition twenty feet long should be built tot he rear of the present building.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED; That such improvement be made by constructing an addition twenty feet square on the west end of the present building, to be of brick, one story high, of proper construction for the purposes of the library; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED ; That to make said improvement it is necessary to incur indebtedness to the extend of the cost of said addition, and that the proper officers of the Library Board are hereby authorized and instructed to secure a loan of a sum sufficient to pay for said proposed improvement and necessary repairs, at the best rate of interest at which said loan may be secured.”

To the Members of the Library Board

Of City of West Lafayette, Indiana

In the matter of a certain plan and proposal, submitted by W. C. Immel, providing for extending the present building westward about twenty feet, which plan and proposal was referred to your Buildings and Ground committee for investigation and report, we submit the following.

It is our belief that the plans, with a few minor changes that will not materially affect the cost, will adequately meet our requirements, we further believe that the bid submitted of Thirteen hundred and eighty (1380) dollars is a reasonable one. We therefore recommend that the contract be awarded to Mr. Immel provided he will agree to make the slight alterations required, without in any considerable degree increasing the bid.

Respectfully submitted,

Everett B. Vawter

J. B. Cunningham

Carolyn E. Shoemaker

West Lafayette, Ind.

April 26th, 1926


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