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January 4, 1927

The West Lafayette Library Board met in regular session at the home of Mrs. Grace H. Price. Preceding the meeting, Mrs. Dickey, Mrs. Price, Dean Shoemaker and Mrs. McQueen were hostesses at a 6:30 dinner, the guests being the Board members and their wives. The following members were present – Mrs. Burtsfield, Mr. Vawter, Mr. Price, Mr. Campbell, Mrs. Price, and Mrs. McQueen.

The minutes of the regular and special meetings in December were read and accepted.

The following bills and salaries amounting to $277.93 were read, approved and ordered paid.

It was also decided to pay the note of $825.00 and interest at the Purdue State Bank.

L. S. Ayres & Co. - Books


Book of the Month Club – Books


Decker Bros. - Books


DeLong Agency – Periodicals


Mrs. Eva Dickey – Salary


Dodd, Mead Co. - Books


Mrs. Eva Dickey – Expense I. L. A.


Haywood Pub. Co. - Covers


Hunting Co. - Books


Mary Kemple – Ass't Libr.


Lafayette Telephone Co.


Library Bureau – Supplies


McMillan Co – Books


Robt. Perkins – Janitor


Smith Co. – Book


Wilson Bo. - Book lists


New Method Book Bindery


American Lib' Ass'n


Purdue State Bank & note of interest


Total – 1115.31

The Librarian reported fines collected $6.57, previous balance after depositing $5.00 with city clerk $6.20, making a total of $12.77. Expenditures $7.12 leaving a balance of $5.65.

The invitation of the State library to hold the district meeting here April 7, 1927 was accepted and Mrs. Dickey was appointed chariman to make arrangement for the meetings, other members of her committee to be appointed later.

The subject of chairs for the upstairs was discussed, it seeming to be the opinion of the majority of the Board members that adult as well as juvenile chairs should be purchased so as to have the upstairs rooms properly equipped for committee meetings as well as children's story hours or other meetings as the occasion demanded. It was moved and carried that Mr. Vawter be appointed to investigate to purchase of necessary equipment for the upstairs rooms.

Concerning the use of the upstairs rooms for the M. E. Bible class it was stated that this would mean some additional firing of the furnace and other janitor service, and in as much as this class is willing to pay for the privilege of the use of these rooms, the Board members thought a charge of $1.00 per Sunday would be satisfactory to all concerned.

The Librarian brought up the question of issuing cards to non-resident Purdue students and it was decided to delay this matter until the beginning of the school year next September.

A report of the State library meeting in Indianapolis was given by Mrs. Dickey after which an election of officers was held which resulted as follows:

President – Mrs. Grace H. Price.

V. Pres – Mrs. Ethel B. McQueen

Sec. - Mr. L. J. Pierce

There being no further business the meeting adjourned.

F. A. Burtsfield – Pres.

Ethel B. McQueen – Sec.


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