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West Lafayette – June 4, 1928

The Library board met with all members present except W. R. Smith and Dean Shoemaker with Mrs. McQueen presiding.

The minutes of the past meeting were read and approved.

Claims were allowed to the extend of 374.91 and the officers being authorized to borrow 375.00 of the Purdue State Bank to carry our bill the June draw is available.

The Librarian having been in attendance upon the recent sessions at French Lick the regular report was not in readiness. On motion of Mr. Burtsfield the Librarian was authorized to secure reading lists at an expense of about 10.00 – It was also ordered that a vertical file and [?] rack be purchased for early use.

Mrs. Price having joined the Librarian at the French Lick Library meeting gave a report. The high spots touched upon were the value of representation on such occasions. Seeing Library work in a “big way” contact with strong people in the library field. Light on issues of the Congressional Library.

Some feature delegate from Mexico speaking our own language – growth of the Library in Mexico, the children, division – next meeting at Richmond – 2000 delegates expected.

Mrs. Dickey supplemented Mrs. Price's remarks speaking of the work financed by the Carnegie foundation.


E. B. Vawter – Secty.


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