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May 7, 1929

The Library Board met with only Pres. Smith, Mrs. Price and Sect'y Vawter present. L.J. Pierce came in before the close of the session.

The minutes of the April meetings were presented and approved.

The librarian's report brought out the following information:

There a total of volumes on shelves: 5510
The average daily circulation is: 128
The number of borrowers of record: 1748
Balance cash shown by report: $610.42
Total of bills allowed for payment: 361.89

The sect'y was directed to have specifications for painting in hands of bidders prior to the June meeting. Certain repairs to walls & roof ordered to proceed the work decorating the interior.

Mrs. Dickey made request for display table and was asked to investigate the matter and report at next meeting – It seemed possible that we may be represented in Washington May 13 to 18th.

E.B. Vawter




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