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West Lafayette, Indiana, December 3, 1929

By reason of a breakdown in the heating [plant] at the Library building, the board members accepted the invitation of Mrs. Price to meet in her home for the monthly business session.

There were present Mrs. Price, Mrs. McQueen, Misters Burtsfield, Vawter, and L J. Pierce Vice President in the chair.

Mrs. Dickey the Librarian was present too and following the reading of the minutes presented her report from which we gather the following:

Total volumes: 5787
Circulation: 3001
Number of borrowers: 1942

The financial report shows $724.91 in Treasury, less bills allowed $286.19 – net balance $438.72.

Miss Warren from the State office was present and spoke favorably concerning the use of the “Library Congress Card” which on motion of Mr. Burtsfield was recommended for use in our local work.

A communication from the secretary of the School Board advised the re-appointment of Mrs. McQueen and Mr. Burtsfield to serve as members of the board for a period of two years from December 3rd, 1929. The Board was further advised that [Jas] B. Andrew Judge protem of the Tipp. Circuit Court had named Mr. Vawter to succeed him [?] as a board member for a period of two years dating from Nov. 14-1929.

Mrs. Price made oral report of the proceedings and program in connection with the recent Trustees meeting held in Indianapolis last month. Among the fact gleaned from her report were the following:

“The best meeting yet,' “greatest number registered” - On the new building question they were told “how to create interest in the project” “how to get the money.”

There was discussion on “County Library” the book wagon and kindred subjects. Praise was bestowed on Mr. [?] and Miss Warren form the splendid way the banquet was handled.

On motion of Prs. Price sustained by Mrs. McQueen, Mrs. Dickey, the librarian was authorized to purchase a book hutch at a cost of about $20.00 and the House Committee was directed to secure a plate glass top for use on the office desk.


Everett B. Vawter – Sect'y




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