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September 1, 1931
In the absence of the Pres. – Mr. Vawter – the Vice Pres – Mrs. McQueen presided over this Sept. meeting of the Library Board.

Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved.

Bills amounting to $355.65 were allowed.

A beautiful set of books – a history of America in twelve volumes, dedicated to the veteran of foreign wars – was presented to the Library by Dean M. L. Fisher. This gift is greatly appreciated by both Librarian and Board, and we are sure will be by the public who will enjoy them.

It was ordered that a note of thanks be sent from the Board to the Dean.
Librarian’s report showed continued increase in volumes and in the use of the Library.
There being no further business the Board adjourned.

Ethel B. McQueen – V.P.
Grace H. Price – Secty.

Mr. Vawter later wrote a very nice letter to Dean Fisher.


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