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November 3, 1931
The Board enjoyed the usual pleasure of meeting at the house of Mrs. Dickey – who invited also the wives and husbands of the respective members.

While the Board assembled with due dignity and decorum about the table to transact the routine business the invited guests retired to the far corner of our adjoining room where they seemed to enjoy themselves.
Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved.

Mr. Vawter as member of House and Grounds committee reported some extra work done on sewer in alley which was having paved for the purpose of relieving some troubles the house committee was having.

Bills amounting to $282.50 were allowed.

Librarian reported the purchase of some much needed reference books. She also presented some plans for cooperation with the school – it was decided to furnish printed lists of books to children of different grades.
It was recommended that Miss Shoemaker interview Mr. [?] to ascertain if he can furnish us books at prices that will be as low as those from whom we now buy.

It is the wish of the Board to give the West Side as much of our business as is possible.

Mrs. McQueen gave a very interesting report of the State Librarian’s and Trustees meeting.
One important detail of this report was regarding the distribution of our funds – it being recommended that 50% go for service, 25% for books and magazines, 15% for janitor, etc., and 10% for building.
The report of this meeting as given by Mrs. McQueen and Miss Dickey was much enjoyed.
Everett B. Vawter – Pres.
Grace H. Price – Sec.
After the business ession closed – the board joined the guests – and Dean Shoemaker delightfully entertained us with readings and discussion of books and plays.
After which delightfully fresh mints were served by the hostess.


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