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January 5, 1932
The W. Lafayette Library Board met in regular session with the following members present – Mr. Vawter, Mr. Pierce, Mr. Burtsfield, Mr. Smith, Miss Shoemaker and Mrs. McQueen. Minutes of previous meeting read and approved.

Bills amounting to $442.51 were presented and ordered paid. This included a years subscription to the Christian Science Monitor at $9.00.
A gift was $500 was received from the Mother’s Study Club and the Secretary was requested to acknowledge the same. The Librarian’s report showed a total of 3903 books circulated during the month. The Treasurer’s report showed a balance of $3069.45.
The annual election of officers was held with the following results:
President – Dean Shoemaker
Vice President – F. A. Burtsfield
Secretary –Mrs. Grace H. Price.
The Sec. was instructed to notify the School board that the terms of F. A Burtsfield and Ethel B. McQueen had expired December 3rd 1931 and to notify the Judge of the Circuit Courts that the terms of E. B. Vawter had expired.
Meeting adjourned
E. B. Vawter – Pres.
Ethel B. McQueen – Sec. pro tem.


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