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April 5, 1932
The West Lafayette Public Library Board met in regular session with Miss Shoemaker, Mr. Vawter, Mr. W. R. Smith, Mr Pierce, and Mr. Burtsfield present. The minutes of the former meeting were read and approved.

Bids for magazines were read and the contract was awarded to A J. DeLong. Following is a list of the magazines ordered: -
Asia Atlantic Monthly, American Boy, The American, American Home, American Girl, Better Homes and Gardens, Boy’s Life, The Bookworm, Christian Century, Child Life, Good Housekeeping, Grace Teacher, Harpers, Junior Home, Literary Digest, Mid-West Pictorial, Missionary Review, National Geographic, Popular Mechanics, Reader’s Digest, Saturday Review of Literature, Scribners, St. Nicholas, John Martin’s Books, Ladies Home Journal, Woman’s Home Companion, Library Journal.
The total bid for these magazines was sixty-three dollars for the year.

Bills to the extent of $450.79 were allowed and ordered paid.

The Librarian’s report was read and ordered filed.
There being no further business the Board adjourned.
Carolyn Shoemaker – Pres.
F. A. Burtsfield – sec. pro tem.


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