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January 3, 1933

The W. L. Library Board met in regular session with V. Pres Burtsfield presiding. Three new members were present. Prof. H. Creek and Mr. H. Graves, appointed by the W. L. City Council for a term of 2 years, and Mrs. Ralph Adams appointed by Judge Herregar of the Circuit Court, together with Mr. Vawter and Mrs. McQueen.

Mr. Burtsfield welcomed the new members and explained briefly the organization of the W. L. Library and its financial condition – budget…etc.

The Library until last year received a 7 cent levy – last year it was reduced to a 6 cent and this year 5 cent.

The Dec. draw in 1932 amounting to $1927.00 will be the last money collected at 6 cents. This should have been $2076.00, but delinquent taxes cut it to $1927.00

The Librarian’s report was given showing 4297 books on the shelves and as average daily circulation of 165 books.

Bills to the amount of $279.19 were presented and ordered paid. Mr. Burtsfield quoted the law showing a cut of 10% in the salary of the Librarian and Janitor would have to be made to comply with the same.

A temporary com. Comprised of Mrs. McQueen, Mr. Graves, and Prof. Creek was appointed to nominate officers for the new year. Said nomination resulted in the election of:
Mr. E. B. Vawter – Pres.
Mrs. P. S. Emerick – Vice Pres.
Mrs.  Ralph Adams – Sec.
Said officers to serve one year.

There being no further business meeting adjourned.

F. A. Burtsfield – Pres.
Ethel B. McQueen – sec. pro tem.


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