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February 5, 1935

The West Lafayette Public Library Board met in regular session with all members present but Mrs. F. E. Yeager. The minutes were read and approved.

The librarian, Mrs. Dickey, gave two reports, one for the month and one for the year.

The monthly reported state that there was a circulation of 1235 non-fiction and 3421 fiction books. There were 16 new registrations. The registration cards are being revised and some names have been dropped, principally because of change of residence.

The items of interest in the yearly report were that there are at the present time 9401 books on the shelves; 545 were added during the year and 150 discarded. There has been a total of 49,045 books loaned within the year.

The financial report showed that there is a balance of $1867.61 at the present time.

The library was cleaned and painted during the year at small cost to the town, as the work was done mainly by Federal Relief Workers.

The children’s hour in the evening did not prove satisfactory so it has been discontinued.

Bills were checked and ordered paid in the sum of $234.24.

Consideration was given to a letter from the Indiana Library Trustees Association asking for a supporting membership.
The motion was seconded by Mr. Vawter, voted upon and passed.

The Pres., Mr. Mason, appointed the following committees:
E. B. Vawter, Chairman
F. A. Burtsfield
Miss Cunningham

House and Grounds
R. T. Hamilton, Chairman
Mrs. Yeager
T. E. Mason

Mrs. McQueen, Chairman
E. B. Vawter
Miss Cunningham

As there was no further business for the evening, the meeting adjourned.

Prof. Mason – Pres.
Emma Cunningham – Sec.


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