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November 5, 1935

The West Lafayette Public Library Board met in regular session with all members present but Mr. Burtsfield.
The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

The librarian gave her monthly report. She stated that she had shifted books about and made place for the extra books for which she had previously asked for shelves.

The new warrant and claim blanks have came but are not to be used until the first of the year.

Some of the teachers are using a number of books with problem children and are giving a report each week on the use of the books.
The circulation of books for the month was 3821 – non-fiction 1103 and fiction 2718.

There were 55 new books added to the shelves which made a total of 9868 books in the library.
There were 11 new registrants.
$1167.98 is left in the library fund.

Mrs. Dickey recommended the substitute janitor, who has been taking Edward Richardson’s place.

A leak in the roof was noticed.
Lists of books for National Book Week were asked for.

At the end of Mrs. Dickey’s report, the various items were discussed, put in the form of motions and acted upon.
Nelson Janer was appointed janitor to take the place of Edward Richardson, resigned.

The necessary number of book lists for National Book Week were ordered printed.

The leak in the roof was referred to the House Committee.

Bills were checked and ordered paid in the sum of $456.22.

The secretary was instructed to send notices to the school board and to the judge of the Circuit Court that the terms of Mrs. McQueen and Mr. Burtsfield and Prof. Mason have expired.

Meeting adjourned.

T. E. Mason – Pres.
Emma Cunningham – Sec.


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