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February 4, 1936

The West Lafayette Public Library board met in regular session with all members present but Mr. Mason, Mr. Burtsfield, Mrs. McQueen and Mrs. Yeager.

The secretary’s report was read and approved.

Bills were checked and ordered paid in the sum of $274.23.

The librarian, Mrs. Dickey, gave her yearly report.

There were 699 books added to the library during the year. Of these 383 adult books were purchased and 22 books were gifts; 280 juvenile books were purchased and 14 were gifts.
The total number of books now owned by the library is 10068.
Forty periodicals came regularly to the library by purchase and six are sent as gifts.
The library has 2970 borrowers and it served 58 percent of the city’s population in the past year.
The circulation for the past year has been 46365 books; 34420 fiction; 11945 non-fiction.
The average circulation of non-fiction volumes is higher than it has ever been.
There were about 100 books borrowed from the State Library through its free loan system. These were used mostly in church work.
There are 475 reference books.
About 12 books and the Yale Review were sent from Yale University the past year.

The library has varied in its tax levies during the 13 years of its existence. The rates have been 5, 7, 6, and 4 per cent.
Mrs. Dickey stated that the library had received a gift of a box of books from the Latta family.

The sec. was instructed to send the family a note of thanks.

T. E. Mason – Pres.
Emma Cunningham – Sec.


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