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February 2, 1937

The Library Board of the West Lafayette Public Library met in regular session with all members present except Mrs. McQueen. In the absence of Mrs. McQueen, Mr. Creek presided. The minutes of the January meeting were read and approved. Bill sin the sum of $238.96 were allowed.

Mrs. Dickey read her report. The circulation for the month of January was 3441. Twenty-six new cards were issued, and 85 juvenile cards were withdrawn. The financial balance for the month ending Jan. 31 was $1217.35.

Mr. Sailor, presenting the Parent Teacher Association of Klondike school, presented a plea from the association that residents of the Klondike township be allowed the use of books from the West Lafayette Library. Mrs. Dickey furnished Mr. Sailor with a copy of the State Library Law governing the use of libraries and that when these laws were met in all their requirements the people of Klondike be allowed the use of the library by paying a fee of $1.00 which is the customary fee for non-residents

The following committees were appointed by Mrs. McQueen:
Finance Committee
Mr. F. A. Burtsfield
Mr. E. B. Vawter
Mrs. McKee

House and Grounds Committee
Mr. Mason
Mr. Vawter
Mrs. McQueen

Books Committee
Mr. Creek
Mr. Mason
Mrs. McKee

Mrs. Dickey presented an estimate for new shelves and stacks. It was moved that this estimate be turned over to the House Committee for consideration. A list of periodicals for renewal was given to the Books Committee for its approval.

The meeting adjourned.

H. L. Creek – acting chairman
Emma McKee – Sec.


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