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February 1, 1938

The West Lafayette Library Board met Tuesday February the first at seven o’clock. Dr. Creek, Professor Mason, Professor Burtsfield, Miss Cunningham and the secretary were present.

Bills were approved in the amount of $317.17.

Mrs. Dickey’s report was read. 3718 books were loaned during the twenty-five days that the library was open.

Mr. Creek read the list of committees as follows:
F. A. Burtsfield (chair)
E. B. Vawter
Mrs. McKee

House and Grounds Mr. Mason (chair)
E. B. Vawter
Mrs. McQueen

Miss Cunningham (chair)
Mrs. McQueen
Mr. Mason

The secretary read a letter from Miss Warren. She expressed a desire to attend a meeting of the West Lafayette Library Board and representatives from Klondike to discuss library service for Klondike. The meeting was arranged for March.

The magazine renewal subscription sheet from DeLong agency was turned over to miss Cunningham chairman of the book committee.

The meeting adjourned.

H. L. Creek – President
Emma McKee – secretary


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