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March 1, 1938

The Library Board met Tuesday evening March 1, in session with representatives from Wabash Township and Miss Warren.
The board transacted its routine business with Miss Cunningham presiding in the absence of Mr. Creek. Bills were allowed in the amount of $310.21. The Librarian’s report showed average daily circulation of 159 volumes for the twenty-four days that the library was open during February.

A bid submitted for cleaning and painting the interior of the library was turned over to Prof. Mason, chairman of the House Committee.

Miss Cunningham turned the meeting over to Mrs. Dickey.

Mrs. Dickey introduced Miss Warren, after explaining the reasons for the first meeting and expressing the willingness of the West Lafayette Library Board to extend service to Klondike.

Where there is no in-corporated town in a township no public library can be established.

The Indiana law provides that a public library can extend service to a township. The Library Board must be willing to extend the service. The advising board of the township must make a tax levy for the service. The law provides a maximum rate of 10 cents on the $1.00 but places no minimum rate. The amount collected should be turned over to the treasurer of the town giving service. Two members from the township should be added to the library board extending the service, making nine members on that library board.
Wabash township has a property valuation of $2,934,000 without the valuation of West Lafayette property.

The Library Board of West Lafayette can suggest the rate, their rate being 5 cents on the $1.00.

At present Klondike is paying $294 for books for the school library. If Klondike had access to a public library service a large part of this could be saved.

The manner in which the service could be extended could be worked out by the library board. Miss Warren suggesting a branch library in the school, a store or some house, a truck or a trailer to carry the books from the West Lafayette library.
West Lafayette taxpayers would not be taxed, only those people of Wabash township not now paying a library tax.
Mr. and Mrs. Whitsell, Mr. and Mrs. Scippio, Mr. and Mrs. Brudeu represented Klondike.

After the discussion ended Russian tea and cookies were served.

The meeting adjourned.

Miss Emma Cunningham – Vice pres.
Emma McKee – sec.


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