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February 7, 1939

The Library board met February the seventh at seven o’clock. Bills were checked and approved to the amount of $358.28.

Mrs. Dickey’s report gave the total circulation for January 3683. The library was open 25 days and the daily circulation was 1431. There were 939 adult non-fiction and 264 juvenile withdrawn. Making the total non-fiction withdrawal 1203. 1446 adult fiction and 1034 juvenile fiction were withdrawn with a total of 2480 volumes of fiction.

Mrs. Dickey asked the board’s approval for the acceptance of some books offered the library by local residents. The library had also been offered a psychic magazine by Rev. Lolomou of East Lafayette. Mr. Mason moved that the board authorize Mrs. Dickey to accept the magazine and not more than six of the books offered by the residents.

Mr. Creek read a telegram from Mr. C. B. Cole of the Indiana State Library asking that the West Lafayette Library Board send its approval of House Bill #65 which is before the House at the present time. Mr. Burtsfield moved that the secretary send letters to the two representatives advising them of the approval of the board. The motion was carried.

Mrs. Spitler was present to present to the Board the plan of a committee whose duty it was to investigate the method of establishing a country library and to explain the desire of Tippecanoe township for library service. She explained that the tax levy would have to be met in order that each township served could finance the service. Mr. Burtsfield moved that this board look with favor upon the plan for West Lafayette Library to incorporate Tippecanoe township into the service of W. L. Library. And that this board meet with representatives of the Tippecanoe township advisory board to work out a plan of service. The motion was seconded by Mr. Mason and approved by the board.

Mr. Mason moved for adjournment.

Dr. H. L. Creek – Pres.
Emma McKee – sec.


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