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April 3, 1939

The Library Board met April the third with all but two members present. The minutes of the March meeting were read and approved.

Mrs. Dickey’s report:
Total number of books in library: 11407
Total number of books withdrawn: 4332
The library was open 27 days with a daily circulation of 160.
There was $1385.62  in the treasury.

Mrs. Dickey brought a number of items to the attention of the board. Parking in front of library by persons not using the library. Dirt and papers in the alley by the building. These items were referred to the building committee.

It was decided after a motion by Mr. Burtsfield was presented, that no book on the new fiction list would be reserved after May 1st except when such a book was needed for a review before some club.

Six volumes of modern plays were sent over from the Purdue Playshop with a request that the library purchase them at a reduced rate. This matter was referred to the book committee.

Mr. Creek read a letter from Mr. Hepburn asking that the W. L. library cooperating in lending books for the summer course for librarians. Mr. Creek asked that additional information be obtained from Mr. Hepburn by Mrs. Dickey as to the length of time books would be needed by borrowers.

Mr. Creek asked that the chairman of the finance committee write letters to the state library board and the state board of accounts asking the custom in sending out the monthly checks from libraries. This action was taken after a letter from the New Method Book Binding was read asking for the payment of a past bid that had previously been sent to the Treasurer’s office.

Bills for the month of March were for $344.39 and they were allowed paid.

The meeting adjourned.

Dr. H. L. Creek – pres.
Emma McKee – sec.


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