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May 2, 1939

The West Lafayette Library Board meeting was held in the children’s room of the library. Those attending were Mr. Vawter, Mr. Burtsfield, Miss Cunningham, Mrs. McQueen, the secretary, and Mr. Creek presiding. The minutes of the April meeting were read and approved. Mrs. McQueen in the absence of Mr. Mason reported that Mr. Miners and Mr. Graves had been called and had been request to remedy the parking situation in front of the library.

Miss Cunningham reported that the six books of plays sent over from Purdue had been read and she recommended the purchase.
Mrs. Dickey had communicated with and heard from Miss Warren. She advised Mrs. Dickey to get in touch with Mr. Jeusen for information concerning the customary way of paying library bids.

The board left the matter of handling books needed by Mr. Hepburn for librarian’s use during Purdue’s summer sessions to Mrs. Dickey.

The April bills were checked and approved and ordered paid. The amount being $203.61.

Mrs. Dickey’s report was as follows:
Total circulation for the month 3909 volumes
Non-fiction adult borrowers 936
Non-fiction juvenile borrowers 370
Fiction adult borrowers 1362
Fiction juvenile borrowers 1241
Total no. of volumes withdrawn 3909
Daily circulation 156
Days open 25

Mr. Vawter moved the meeting adjourn.

H. L. Creek – Pres.
Emma H. McKee – sec.


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