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June 6, 1939
The Library Board met Tuesday evening June the sixth at seven o’clock. Mr. Vawter, Mrs. McQueen, Miss Cunningham, the secretary and the president were present. The minutes of the May meeting were read and approved.

Mrs. McQueen moved that the secretary write a note of sympathy to Mrs. Mason and that said note be recorded in the minutes of this meeting. The following is a copy of the note:

My dear Mrs. Mason:
            It is the wish of the Board of the West Lafayette Library to express to you our sincere sympathy for you in the loss of your husband and to tell you how much we feel the loss of one of our Board members.
            Your husband was a very valuable member and it will be with real affection that we remember him. His efficiency and his excellent judgment made him a very useful member, but his cheerfulness and his pleasant personality made him an admirable associate.
                                                                                                Emma H. McKee
                                                                                                Secretary W. L. Library Board


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