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July 5, 1939

Mrs. McQueen, Miss Cunningham, Mr. Vawter and the secretary with Mr. Creek presiding met Wednesday July fifth in the library for the monthly meeting of the Library Board.

The minutes of the June meeting were read and approved. Bills to the amount of $229.10 were checked and approved.

The librarian’s report was as follows:
Total no. of vol. withdrawn 3073
Total no of vol. on shelves 11489
No. of adult fiction withdrawn 1412
No. of juvenile withdrawn 857
Total fiction withdrawn 2269
No. of adult non-fiction withdrawn 651
No. of juvenile non-fiction withdrawn 153
Total non-fiction withdrawn 804
No. days library open 26
Daily circulation 115
New volumes purchased 31
New volumes presented 2
Treasurer’s balance $862.62

Mrs. Dickey recommended new stacks at the West end of the room for an additional set of stacks. Mrs. McQueen was asked to see a carpenter and have the work done.

Mr. Vawter moved for adjournment.

Dr. H. L. Creek – Pres.
Emma McKee – sec.


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