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March 4, 1940

Meeting of the W. L. Library board March fourth. Members present, President Creek presiding, Miss Cunningham, Mrs. Martin, Mr. Buschdolt and H. McComb.

In the absence of the secretary Miss McKee minutes of the previous meeting were omitted.

Mrs. Dickey gave her report.

Miss Cunningham at Mrs. Dickey’s request read the list of magazines. The list was handed to Miss Cunningham – after discussion of Fortune, Theatre Art, Vacational Guidance magazine, mention was also made of Esquire. Matter of magazines was left with the book committee.

Question of house committee and extermination of rats discussed. Condition of building was discussed but the matter was left to the new building committee to be appointed.

Bills to the amount of $271.78 allowed.

The nominating committee nominated the following: Mrs. Emma Cunningham for President, Mrs. McKee as secretary, and H McComb as Vice President.

Question of new library building presented – the creation of a fund raised by gifts was commended. Mrs. Dickey told of a valuable book owned by the library: “The Route Across the Rockies.” Johnson and [?] published in 1843 and now valued at $250. The advice of selling it was discussed but it was decided not to at present. Also a debt might be created.
Question of the use of a welfare worker in cleaning the library.

Meeting adjourned.

H. McComb – sec. pro tem.
Miss Emma Cunningham – Pres.


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