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August 5, 1940

At seven o’clock on Monday August the fifth the Library Board met. In the absence of the RPesident Miss Cunningham, the Vice President Mr. McComb presided. Mr. Creek, Mrs. Martin, Mr. Vawter and the secretary were present. The secretary’s report was read and approved. Bills to the amount of $270.12 were checked and ordered paid.

Before reading her monthly report Mrs. Dickey presented estimates for painting the downstairs portion of the library. The contractor asked $72.00 for two coats of paint on ceiling and side walls and $60.00 for two coats on ceiling and one on side walls. On Mrs. Martin’s motion the Board voted to accept the bid of $72.00 for two coats on both side walls and ceiling.

Mrs. Dickey’s report was as follows:
Total no. of vol. on shelves 12056
27 new vol. added. 8 purchased, 20 given
No. of adult fiction withdrawn 1839
No. of juv. fiction withdrawn 888
Total fiction withdrawn 2717
No. of adult non-fiction withdrawn 613
No. of juv. Non-fiction withdrawn 190
Total non-fiction withdrawn 803
Total no. of volumes withdrawn 3520
Days open 25
Average daily circulation 135
Treasurer’s balance $2345.83

Mr. Creek made a report on the budget. Mrs. Martin moved the Board approve the budget as reported.
Mrs. Martin kindly and thoughtfully provided lemonade for the Board. Her lemonade was good and her thought was appreciated by all.

Mr. Creek moved the meeting adjourn.

Mr. McComb – Pres pro tem.
Emma McKee – sec.


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