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November 4, 1940

The West Lafayette Library Board met in regular session on November fourth 1940, 7 p.m.
Mrs. Martin acted in the absence of Mrs. McKee. Miss Cunningham presided. Dr. Creek, Mr. Vawter, Mr. Ellerbrook were also present.

The minutes of the previous session were read and approved. Upon order of the house committee the $118.00 bill of Mr. Ross for painting the exterior of the library building had been accepted and work was already in progress.

The secretary’s list of the expiration dates for the terms of office for each board member was read. The president stated that she had instructed the secretary to notify the city council that the terms of Dr. Creek and Mr. Vawter were expiring on November 14 and to notify Judge Parkinson of the expiration dates of Miss Cunningham and Mrs. McKee on Nov 14, 1940.

The committee on ways and means of obtaining a new library building request that the matter be tabled until further investigation could be made.

Mrs. Dickey and Mrs. McKee attended the State Library Meeting at Richmond.

The librarian’s report was as follows:
No. of vol. on shelves 12341
No. of adult non-fiction withdrawn 944
No. of juv. non-fiction withdrawn 253
Total non-fiction withdrawn 1197
No. of adult fiction withdrawn 1578
No. of juv. fiction withdrawn 825
Total vol. fiction withdrawn 2403
Days open 27
Daily average circulation 133
Total no. of borrowers 3093
No. of juvenile borrowers 762
No. of adult borrowers 2331
Treasurer’s balance $1784.62
Bills paid $412.50
Present Balance $1382.13
Collected fines $10.00

The president Mr. Creek, Mr. Vawter and Mr. Ellerbrook as nominating committee.

Mr. Creek read excerpts from [?] Indiana State annotated 1940, regarding the duties and the rights of library boards with particular regard to those bearing on the erection of a new library building. The question was briefly discussed and Mrs. Martin reported Mr. Martin, as city attorney, would extend to the public library board as a unit of the civil city, any legal services the board might desire upon the understanding that such offer should not embarrass the board whenever it should desire to employ an attorney at any time in the future.

Dr. Creek then requested that an opinion be obtained as to how the board might create a sinking fund.
Announcement was made of the Library Trustee Association on Nov. 12, 13 at Indianapolis.

Dr. Creek moved the meeting adjourn.

Miss Emma Cunningham – Pres.
Frances Martin – sec. pro. tem.


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