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December 2, 1940

The West Lafayette Library Board met Monday the second with Mr. Creek, Mr. Ellerbrook, Mr. McComb, Mrs. Martin, Mrs. Sutcliffe and the secretary and Miss Cunningham presiding. The minutes of the November meeting were read and approved.

Mrs. Dickey’s report was as follows:
No. of volumes on shelves 12341
No. of adult fiction withdrawn 1482
No. of jun. fiction withdrawn 1207
Total no. of fiction withdrawn 2689
No. of adult non-fiction withdrawn 909
No. of juv. non-fiction withdrawn 318
Total no. of non-fiction withdrawn 1227
3916 volumes withdrawn during November
Days open 25
Average daily circulation 156
2338 adult borrowers
765 juvenile borrowers
3103 total borrowers

Mrs. Dickey called the Board’s attention to the insurance policy held by the Stallard Ins. Co. would be due Dec. 6th. Mr. McComb moved the bill be paid.

The house committee reported that the bill for the painting of the library would be presented before the fiscal year ended. Mr. McComb moved that the bill of $119.00 be allowed and that Mrs. Dickey be instructed to pay the bill upon the completion of the job.

The bills for the month of November were checked and approved the amount being $352.66. Mr. Creek moved the bills be allowed paid and board passed.

Mrs. Dickey called attention to the shortage in the budge covering the personal service of the assistant librarian. The matter was discussed. Mr. Creek moved that a budge transfer be requested. The transfer was to come from the equipment fund. The proposal was approved by the Board.

Miss Cunningham read a very thorough review of the legal situation relating to the establishment of a sinking fund by the Library Board for the acquisition of a building for library purposes. The paragraphs 5 and 5 of Mr. Martin’s digest he says, ‘The event the public library board determines to establish a sinking fund, the board should adopt a resolution to that extend, which resolution should be carefully drafted to comply with the particular state above cited. This resolution should set forth the determination of the public library board to establish and create a sinking fund for the purpose of acquiring real estate and a building for public library purposes, and should request the approval of the city council of the city of West Lafayette for the establishment of such sinking fund. Thereupon the city council of the city, if it so approves, should adopt an ordinance approving the creation and establishment of a sinking fund for the purpose designated. The board would be able to place in such a sinking fund the fines, bequests, donations, assements, subscriptions of non-residents, and such other amounts of money as set forth in the budget of the library board.”
After much discussion, Mr. McComb made the following motion, “That the board request Mr. Martin to draw up a resolution starting a sinking fund from the fines, bequests, donations, assessments, and subscriptions of non-residents. The motion was carried.
Miss Cunningham called the board’s attention to the expiration of Mr. Vawter and Mr. Creek’s terms. Miss Cunningham asked the board to express their willingness to make Mr. Vawter a life member of the board. The board stood in approval of this suggestion.
Details of Book week were told by Mrs. Dickey, Nov. 9-16. She was confident it was successful.

Mr. Ellerbrook moved the board be provided with copies of the by-laws and budget. He offered to provide these.

Mr. Creek chairman of the nominating committee presented the nominations for 1941: Pres. Mr. McComb, Vice Pres. Mrs. Martin, Secretary Mrs. McKee. Mr. Creek moved the nominations be approved. The board accepted the nominations as presented.

Mrs. Martin moved the board adjourn.

Pres. Miss Emma Cunningham
Emma McKee – sec.


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