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The program committee of the League of Women Voters, realizing the need for a Public Library in West Lafayette, and knowing the interest of a large number of citizens, decided to give the program for March, 1921, over to a discussion of that subject.

This committee was made up of Mrs. Virginia Meredith, Mrs. G. L. Christie, and Mrs. G. M. Frier.

Feeling that it was a matter of community interest, they made it an open meeting, inviting everyone interested to attend. A goodly number responded and much interest was manifested.

Upon invitation from the committee, Mr. J. H. Hamilton, Secretary of the State Library Commission, came from Indianapolis, and addressed the meeting.

After much favorable discussion, a resolution was passed, expressing the sentiment of the meeting as favorable to a Library, and a motion was carried authorizing the chairman to appoint a committee of five or more, to take the necessary steps preliminary to the appointment of a Library Board.

After some consideration, the following committee was appointed: Mr. Myron B. Morgan, chairman, Prof. G. L. Christie, Mrs. M. S. [?] [----?], Mrs. F. C. Gaylord, Mrs. M. B. Morgan and Mr. M. [?] R. Smith.

After considering the different methods provided by the Law, the committee decided to undertake the raising of subscription fund. They secured many willing helpers, and in less than two weeks the required amount was oversubscribed by about forty per cent.

The initial amount subscribed was $2615.34 given by 92 persons.

This list was then given, according to law, to the County Clerk, who there looked it over to Judge Herregar, to pass upon and appoint three members to serve on the Library Board.

The Judge, on Nov. 14, 1921 appointed Mrs. Grace H. Price, Mr. Everett B. Vawter and Miss Carolyn Shoemaker.

On Nov. 21, 1921, the School Board appointed Mrs. Ethel B. McQueen, and Mr. M. E. Downs.

On Nov. 21, 1921 the Town Board appointed Mr. J. B. Cunningham, and Mr. W. R. Smith.

On Dec. 13, 1921 the board organized electing Mr. Vawter president, Grace H. Price, vice president, M. E. Downs secretary.

The following three committees were appointed to serve for the year


{M. R. Smith}

{J. B. Cunningham}

{Grace H. Price}

Buildings and Grounds

{J. B. Cunningham}

{Ethel B. McQueen}

{M. R. Smith}


{Carolyn Shoemaker}

{Grace H. Price}

{J. B. Cunningham}

Several months passed before a desirable location could be secured.

When it was known that the room above the Town Hall was to be vacated, the Town Board generously offered their use to the Library Board.

By this time a considerable amount of the money subscribed had been paid, and the Building Com. at once prepared the room for use as a Library.

Gifts of books were solicited and many organizations as well as individuals responded generously.

On Feb. 7, 1922, Mrs. Eva Dickey was selected to serve as Librarian and at once began classifying organizing the books preparatory to the opening which took place May first.

In June 1923 the first tax levey was drawn.

The Board and Librarians received much help from the State Library Commission in organizing and all during the first year.


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