Printing is available from our patron computers as well as our our Wi-fi hotspot.



The West Lafayette Public Library is a member of Evergreen Indiana, a consortium of over 100 public libraries throughout Indiana.

As a patron of an Evergreen Indiana member library you are able to:

  • Check out up to 100 items at any one time
  • Check out most items for three weeks
  • Check out "new books" for two weeks
  • Check out DVDs for one week

Fines for overdue materials are 25 cents per day per item

Checked out items may be renewed at the Library in person, by phone, or online


Wi-Fi & Guest Printing

You can print wirelessly from your laptop, smartphone or other device to the Ricoh printer/copier on the 2nd floor by following the steps below:

1) Upload your print job to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2) In a few seconds the dialog box will display your release code.

3) Press the printer button on the keypad (look for the red arrow wifiArrow).

4) Deposit $0.10/page for black & white prints and $0.25/page for color prints.

wireless printing instructions



Wireless Access

Wireless access to the Internet is available to our patrons. The network’s name is WL-Library. It is an open network, and as such there is no security for your computer. You are responsible for the security of your own machine.

Interested in your safety? Read the tips below.

Information on Wi-Fi and Guest Printing

Top 10 Security Tips for Public Hotspots (from /

  1. Make sure you're connected to a legitimate access point.
  2. Encrypt files before transferring or emailing them.
  3. Use a virtual private network (VPN).
  4. Use a personal firewall.
  5. Use anti-virus software.
  6. Update your operating system regularly.
  7. Be aware of people around you.
  8. Use Web-based email that employs secure http (https).
  9. Turn off file sharing.
  10. Password-protect your computer and important files.

Look for more information at: (Discover and Learn menu, especially the Security section) -



The West Lafayette Public Library offers wireless internet service throughout its two story building.  Access to the internet is also available in the library through direct cable connections.  Please ask library reference staff if you need assistance with either of these free services.

In addition there are 13 public computers for adult use, 3 computers for young adults ages 12-17, and 9 computers in the children's area designated for children and their caregivers.

Computer use to the public computers is limited to a single use of no more than 90-minutes per day. A user's account must be in good standing in order to be eligible for computer use privileges.

Use of the Library's public wireless service is not restricted by time of use.

For further information concerning computer use, please refer to the West Lafayette Public Library's  Public Computer Use Policy.

Library Services

Meeting Room Request

Please fill out and return the room request form to the Library in person, by mail, email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or fax 765-743-0540.

Meeting date(s) are NOT set until you receive confirmation from the Library. If you do not receive confirmation within one week contact the Library. Please check the Library's calendar, call the Library 765-743-2261 or email Scott at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Meeting Room Request Printable Form

Meeting Room Request Online Form


Meeting Room Policy and Operational Rules and Regulations



The use of meeting rooms in the West Lafayette Public Library shall be for the purpose of presenting programs of culture, education, entertainment or information to the West Lafayette community. Though Library sponsored programs will take precedence in scheduling, other nonprofit community organizations such as civic groups, service organizations, church groups and individuals associated with not-for-profit groups and/or organizations or themselves holding not-for-profit status may schedule a meeting room(s) for the purposes noted above, subject to the rules and regulations listed below.


Click here for the meeting room use request forms.

  1. The person reserving the room must be a resident of Tippecanoe County, have an unrestricted West Lafayette Public Library card, and be over 18 years of age. Proof of residency will be required if a Post Office box is used for an address. This person will be held responsible for the group's use of any Meeting Room.
  2. The Meeting Rooms will be available for use during regular Library hours:
    • 10 a.m. - 7:45 p.m. Monday through Thursday*
    • 10 a.m. - 5:45 p.m. Friday
    • 10 a.m. - 4:45 p.m. Saturday
    • 1:00 p.m. - 4:45 p.m. Sunday
  3. *4th Thursday of the month Noon - 7:45 p.m.
  4. The Meeting Rooms may be used for one hour before or one hour after regular Library hours provided a usage fee of $25.00 is paid at time of scheduling or at least two weeks in advance of the use of the room. After hours use is subject to the availability of Library personnel to work during that one hour period. The usage fee is refundable only if the Library is notified at least three days before the meeting is to take place.
  5. Telephone and email reservations will not be accepted. You may come in person, fax or mail the reservation form.
  6. Reservations must be made in advance. The Reservation Calendar begins June 1 and runs until May 31 of the following year. Reservations for the new calendar year may only be made after March 1. Please note: Library activities (including those sponsored by the Friends of the Library and/or the Library Foundation) take precedence in scheduling.
  7. Groups may reserve Meeting Rooms up to 13 times during one scheduling year period.
  8. No admission fee may be charged for admission to meetings in the Meeting Rooms or elsewhere on Library premises. All meetings must be open to the public, except for private parties. Effective August 15, 2006, rooms may be used for a private event for a minimum of 2 hours for a fee of $25/hour. (A private party is by invitation only, but must conform to all other Library guidelines.) Advertising of profit-making meetings, events, products, etc. is not allowed on Library premises. The selling of materials and/or services is prohibited in the Meeting Rooms and anywhere else on Library premises.
  9. Groups using the room are responsible for setting up the room to meet their own needs.
  10. Light refreshments may be served. No alcoholic beverages may be dispensed or consumed on Library property.
  11. Open flames of any kind are not permitted anywhere in the Library building. This includes smoking, the use of candles, etc.
  12. Effective August 15, 2006, use of the Library's Audio/Visual equipment will require a $25 rental fee for up to 4 hours. (If additional time is needed, it is $25 for each 4 hour period.)The following Audio Visual equipment is available to use in Meeting Rooms: VCR, DVD player, television monitor, overhead projector, computer/data/DVD/VHS projector, laptop, opaque projector, audio CD/cassette player, slide projector, and sound system with microphones.
    • This equipment must be reserved in advance to be sure it is available. Library staff will be responsible for the set up of this equipment.
    • Groups using laptops to do PowerPoint presentations are encouraged to bring their own equipment. If you choose to use Library equipment, please be aware that damage to the equipment will be charged to the group or to the person responsible.
  13. For information about sign language interpreters, groups should contact the office of Greater Lafayette Area Special Services (GLASS) at 771-6006. GLASS has a list of local sign language interpreters. Interpreters are usually paid by the hour depending upon the interpreter. Interpreters will need to be contacted and scheduled by your group's representative. Scheduling depends upon the availability for the individual interpreter. Interpreters maintain the right to decline to do signing jobs for any reason. Another group offering sign language interpreter referral is Interpreter Network Reaching Indiana: 1-317-776- 2852. Web address:
  14. Groups are expected to leave the room at the prearranged time. Groups should plan clean up time into their scheduled time. For example: If a group has reserved a Meeting Room from 3 to 5 p.m., then the group should be completely out of the room at 5 p.m. Groups should be completely out of the room 15 minutes prior the closing time of the Library.
  15. Groups should leave the Meeting Room in a reasonable state, similar to the way the room was found. If the West Lafayette Public Library has to pay extra for cleaning up after a group's use of the Meeting Room, the group will be charged that amount.
  16. The West Lafayette Public Library assumes no responsibility for the security of personal items in Meeting Rooms.
  17. Rooms are available based on estimated group size:
    • 50 or more expected: Meeting Rooms Elm and Walnut
    • 2 - 50 expected: Meeting Room Elm or Walnut
  18. The West Lafayette Public Library reserves the right to make cancellations due to Library needs, unforeseen events, emergency conditions, or other extenuating circumstances. Parking for those who use the Library Meeting Rooms is available at the Library parking garage and in the Morton parking lot.
  19. Morton Community Center is also available for meetings; please call them directly to determine availability and cost of rooms. Call: 765-775-5120. Web Address:
  20. The Library accepts no responsibility for the liability of groups meeting in the Library. Groups are encouraged to provide liability insurance for their members.
  21. Permission from the Library Director, in consultation with the Library Board when necessary, will be required for any use of Meeting Rooms which do not clearly fit the stated Use Policy: Operational Rules and Regulations.
  22. Failure to adhere to these regulations will result in discontinuance of the group's use of Meeting Rooms.
  23. Those seeking information about exhibit space must fill out a different form, not this form. Please contact Scott Tracey at 765-743-2261.

Public Meeting Rooms

The Library has two large meeting rooms, The Elm Room and The Walnut Room, which can be combined into an even larger meeting space. Each of these meeting rooms has a capacity of 50, with a combined capacity of 100. The Children's Program Room may also be scheduled for children's meetings and events. It is available regular hours except during storytimes and other Library events. Our Amphitheater may also be scheduled, subject to senior staff approval.Check the Library Meeting Room Use Policy and Operational Rules and Regulations for time limits and to see if your meeting/event is eligible for scheduling these spaces.

You may schedule space for a meeting/event by filling out a meeting room request form in person or on-line (Click here for room request forms) Please call us at (765) 743-2261 if you have any questions.


The Library staff is here to help answer your questions. Come in to the Library, phone: (765-743-2261), or send us an email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  .

We have a large collection of reference materials, including extensive consumer and investment information. As a member of Evergreen Indiana, the West Lafayette Library offers access to over 6 million books and other items found at over 100 Indiana public libraries - we'll be glad to help you use Evergreen Indiana if you have questions.

We'll gladly show you how to search the Internet for the answers you need. You can use these links we have found helpful.

If the items you need are not available in our collection, the collections of Tippecanoe County Public Library or the Purdue University Library System, you can use our Interlibrary Loan Service to obtain materials from other libraries.

We are also available to help with computer/technology questions.


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