Downloading Files from The Web

 Downloading and uploading refer to the process of getting files from one computer to another. The host computer is the one that holds the files and the client computer is the one requesting the files. In some cases the process is automated, like Windows Updates or McAfee updates, and in others you initiate the process. You must be online for the automatic updates to download and to download programs, music, and other files you want.

Many shareware and freeware software programs are available to download. The shareware programs usually have a evaluation period, after which you should pay the creator for his/her time. This helps pay for ongoing updates and refinements. Another catagory of downloads are the subscription services, like Windows and McAfee. These are paid ahead and allow you to download updates and patches for Windows as long as you own the operating system or in the case of McAfee for 1 to 2 years for virus protection updates and virus definitions.

Another catagory of downloads are video clips and graphics. Some videos like those at NPR or CNN are free as are many online graphics. Graphics are easy to find and download but you should observe the copyright laws before using them in any way except for personal use.

Music downloads are in high demand now. You many have heard some of the controversy about music file sharing. There are legal ways to download music. Some songs at most sites are free but the majority are not. You should pay the download fee (about $.99 per song) or subscribe to a monthly service.

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Here is a link to a how-to article at PC World. At there are many reviews about software and hardware as well as download links.

You can download Spyware removal tools and many other utilities from sites like

Link to WellGet, a PC World recommended DM (download manager). DMs will speed up your downloads, and are especially nice on a dial-up connection. Netscape and Mozilla Firefox both have built-in DMs.

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