The West Lafayette Public Library Archives accepts donations of material for its research collections from individuals, organizations, and businesses.

When accepting material, the Archives is responsible for

  1. Maintaining the materials, ensuring accepted practice for preservation and security, preparing the materials for research use through professional arrangement and cataloging, and supplying them to any interested researcher on an equal basis, during the archives appointed hours.
  2. Ensuring that all material containing confidential information is restricted from all use in accordance with the explicit instructions of the donor as long as the restriction is "reasonable" and affects all potential users equally. The WLPL Archives cannot accept collections that are restricted indefinitely or for which the restriction cannot be enforced equally or with reasonable effort at the time of donation.
  3. Making decisions about preserving and preparing collections consistent with professional archival practice to best serve the material itself, researchers, and the WLPL. Materials that the WLPL Archives wishes to remove from the collection will be discarded, offered to another institution, sold, or returned to the donor according to the donor's instructions at the time of the donation.
  4. Securing legal documentation for every gift that makes clear the terms of the transfer and any instructions of the donor. The WLPL Archives will accept a deed of gift that transfers title to this organization or a loan agreement that specifies terms under which the loan will become a donation. Donors may transfer copyrights to the WLPL Archives or retain them themselves. The WLPL Archives will honor all agreements with the donor.

The WLPL Archives:

  1. Cannot accept donations without transfer of title or the clear intention to transfer title at a defined time.
  2. Cannot accept material for which the donor does not have clear title.
  3. Cannot provide appraisals of the monetary value of gifts.
  4. Cannot accept liability for loss or damage of materials due to deterioration, fire, or other natural disasters.