When a donor transfers materials to the WLPL Archives, the WLPL Archives organizes and preserves the donation and makes it available to researchers.

The following is a list of services the WLPL Archives will provide regarding your donation.

  1. The donation will be organized and, if appropriate, a bibliographic record and/or finding aid (index) will be created to describe the content and the arrangement.
  2. The donation will be placed in nondamaging containers and stored in the WLPL.
  3. The donation will be available to researchers in the WLPL Archives after it is organized, physically stabilized, and prepared for use.
  4. Should the Deed of Gift contain temporary restrictions on portions of the donation, the restrictions will be strictly enforced.
  5. When applicable, the WLPL Archives will alert researchers to existing copyrights relating to the donation and will include such statements in the bibliographic record and/or finding aid.
  6. The WLPL Archives will require that appropriate and complete citations be included in all information relating to the donation, such as exhibitions, publications, and media productions; citation will read as follows: "Courtesy of the WLPL Archives, Collections Name, Archival Call Number."
  7. The WLPL Archives will permanently maintain (confidential) files documenting the acquisition of the donation and its use.

Gift of Deed form