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In conjunction with Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month, the West Lafayette Public Library, through a grant from Duke Energy Foundation, now offers Reminisce Kits available to the community. Reminisce Kits offer older adults and their families, friends and caregivers the opportunity to initiate and share discussion on familiar subjects and experiences such as Farm Life, Seashore, Birds and more.

Through personal reminiscing, older adults with memory impairment can experience an elevated mood and a feeling of empowerment, along with the positive effects from the support and attention of a caregiver or family member.

West Lafayette Public Library’s Reminisce Kits contain multi-sensory items including a theme-based CD, books, puzzles and tactile objects to facilitate conversation and foster engagement.

Greater Lafayette community members may check out Reminisce Kits for three weeks with a current West Lafayette Public Library card.  For more information, contact the Library at (765) 743-2261.