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This is a work in progress. We are actively adding information. If you do not see your gift we should be adding it soon but you can always email Nancy Hartman, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to speed up the process. Thank you for all your generosity.

Memorial books and materials presented to the library in 2010

In memory of Eleanor McLaughlin by the Mary L. Matthews Club

  • Smithsonian Natural History

In memory of Micki Diesslin by the American Literature Club

  • The White House

In memory of Helen Lillich by the Round Table Club

  • The Sibley Guide to Trees

In memory of Gary Wright by Pat Schreiner

  • Storms of my Grandchildren
  • The strangest Man: the hidden life of Paul Dirac, Mystic of the atom
  • Slow Death by Rubber Duck : The Secret Danger of Everyday Things
  • The Bizarre and Incredible World of Plants
  • How to teach physics to your dog

Memorial books and donations presented to the library in 2009

In memory of Ruth Michaud by The Fortnightly Club

  • Animal: The Definitive Visual Guide to the World's Wildlife
  • Planet Ape by Desmond Morris

In memory of Janalyce Rouls by The Mary L. Mathews Club

  • The Nutcracker
  • Swan Lake
  • Sleeping Beauty

In memory of Dr. Joe Modrey, an updated collection of books entitled Science and Curiosity have been purchased for the children's circulating collection in addition to a collection purchased in 2006.

In memory of Professor Leonard Wood, a large collection of nonfiction books were donated by Al and Martha Altschaeffl.

In memory of Bob Gambill, longtime Friend of the Library, a book was added to the library's circulating collection.

In memory of Ed Lauterbach, longtime Friend of the Library, a collection of books was purchased and added to the library's collection.

In honor of former library employee Blythe Lee, Mary Jo Boyd and Claudia Edwards made a significant donation that was used to purchase large print books and DVD sets.

In memory of Gary Wright, math and science books for the adult circulating collection were donated by Pat Schreiner.

Books donated by the Three O'clock Club

  • The Smile in memory of Margaret Trimmer
  • Lasting Light in memory of Betty Sams

Memorial books and donations presented to the library in 2008

In memory of Isebella Williams by the American Literature Club

  • Impressionists at Leisure

In memory of William Peters, a book was added to the library's collection by Dorothy Murphy.

In memory of Nancy Tobias, longtime Friend and volunteer, a collection of books were purchased for the library's circulating collection.

Memorial books and donations presented to the library in 2007

In memory of Eleanor Gerns, longtime volunteer and Friend of the Library several books were donated.

In memory of Jean Irvine, the American Literary Club donated a book to the library.

In memory of Annie Laurie Parkhurst by the Selective Reading Club

  • Privacy Lost

Memorial books and donations presented to the library in 2006

In memory of Michael Murphy by Dorothy Murphy

  • The Impressionists at Leisure

In memory of Dr. Joe Modrey, a collection of books entitled Science and Curiosity was purchased for the children's circulating collection

In memory of Professor Joseph Modrey by Virginia Riechard

  • Art and the Empire City

In memory of Barbara McCormick, a collection of books were purchased by the library.

In honor of Judy Myers-Walls' birthday and her contributions toward peace by Lisa Stein

  • <Subverting the Power of Prejudice

In memory of Opal Stech by the Mary L. Matthews Club

  • Polish Heritage Cookery

Memorial books and donations presented to the library in 2005

In memory of Ed Kirsch by the Fortnightly Club

  • Charles Reid's Watercolor Secrets
  • Gerhard Richter Watercolors
  • Splash 7: A Celebration of Light

In memory of Nancy Allman, donations from family and friends were invested with the Library Foundation to provide long term funding benefits.

In memory of Margaret Gentry, Dorothy Murphy donated a book.

In memory of Kathleen Kisselburgh and her dog Whisper, a large collection of dog training and care books were added to the Library's circulating collection.

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Support the Library


Library buildingJust as the community derives so much from the Library, the Library thrives because of the support of the community!

Throughout the years, donations great and small have helped to transform the West Lafayette Public Library from a tiny subscription-only library housed in a firehouse to a beautiful two story structure with more than 150,000 books, 9,000 videos, and 8,000 audio tapes and cds.

Today, the Library offers its free services to 28,374 borrowers who enjoy the use not only of printed, audio and visual material, but of over 400 yearly programs for children, youths, and adults. In the future, the Library will continue to expand its collections and extend its services, due in large part to contributions from the public.

When you donate to the West Lafayette Public Library, you have the opportunity to play an active role in helping to further build and maintain the Library in the years to come. Each gift that we receive assists in some way because...

It's green--when you read/listen/view a book/CD/DVD and then donate it to the Library, we recycle it. The item either becomes a new addition to our shelves or is resold through our Friends of the Library group, which brings in funds to help purchase the latest books, music, and films for you to check out!

It's a lasting memory--your contribution to the Library's funds will help us purchase more materials that patrons will continue to enjoy in the future.

It's generous--public tax dollars can accomplish only so much. To keep our Library thriving we need the aid of donors to build on and create collections and programs beyond that which tax dollars can afford.

Ways To Support the Library

Monetary Donations and the Library Foundation

Help the Library continue to fulfill its mission call 765-743-2261 or come to the Library in person and speak to a librarian about making a monetary donation. The West Lafayette Public Library Foundation is glad to accept donations; interest earned on the Foundation's investments support the Library annually.  Learn more about the Library Foundation here.

Donations of Items

The Library gladly accepts the donation of books, movies, music, magazines, etc. Donations can be dropped off at any time during business hours. Please ask for assistance at the front desk when you arrive.

Donations of Time

Volunteering can be a rewarding way to support the Library. Volunteers help in the Friends' Shop and book fairs as well as help the librarians fulfill the Library's mission in many ways. For more detailed information about volunteer opportunities at the Library, visit our Volunteering page.


A memorial donation is a wonderful and enduring way to pay tribute to a friend or loved one. Please download the following form in order to make a commemorative gift to the library: Memorial Form

The Friends' Book Shop

Inside the Friends' ShopOperated by the Friends of the West Lafayette Public Library, the Friends' Book Shop offers more than 2,000 gently used books to the public for purchase. The shop is conveniently located in the Library's north west corner.

Book Fairs

Visit our biannual book fairs to find fabulous deals on a huge selection of books for all ages. For more information visit the Friends' Book Fair page.


Commemorative Paving Stones

Having a brick paver permanently installed in the Library's amphitheatre area is a great, tax deductible way to remember a loved one, commemorate a special event, or honor someone important in your life. To find out more about purchasing a paver, please download the following form:

Paver Form

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Visit our Donor Recognition Pages

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