Foreign Language Books & DVDs

The Library has a collection of books in foreign languages including Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Turkish, Chinese and more. These global books are grouped by language. They are located on the second floor on the book shelves that face the stairs.Globe with different styles of houses around it

We also have a collection of DVDs that were created in languages other than English, such as Hindi, Chinese, Korean and more. These DVDs are the Global Collection and are located on the first floor between the non-fiction and TV series DVDs.

Look for this picture on the spine of the global collection books and DVDs.

In addition, the Library has materials to help people learn English (ESL, English as a second language) or learn other languages (FLI, foreign language instruction). These materials are located on the second floor on the shelves facing the stairs near the foreign language books.

Also, the Library subscribes online language instruction Muzzy Online for Kids.