The Library's growing collection of West Lafayette archival materials includes:

  • Mayor papers from Mayor Sonya Margerum
  • Press clippings form the term of Mayor Williamson
  • City Council papers from Councilor Marjorie Gordon
  • Neigborhood study reserach papers from Purdue students
  • Scapbooks from West Lafayette High School Coach Gordon Straley
  • Scrapbooks from the West Lafayette Parks and Recreation Department

Access to the WLPL Archive is by appointment only. 

Research Request Form - editable research request or printable research request

Collection Request Form - editable collection request or printable collection request

Photocopy Request Form - editable photocopy request  or  printable photocopy request

Please fill out these forms and mail or email them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request an appointment.

Archival Research Area Rules

The objects housed in these collections are noncirculating materials. Some of them are in fragile condition and to a great extent irreplaceable; hence certain precautions are necessary.

  1. All briefcases, purses, coats, and other personal articles are to be deposited at the reference desk.
  2. Please sign in and out in the daily visit log each day when entering and departing. All papers must be inspected upon departure.
  3. No food, beverages, smoking, pets, or animals are permitted in any area of the Archives. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult and supervised at all times.
  4. Hands should be clean for the handling of materials. Please avoid applying creams or lotions to your handsimmediately before handling materials as the oils can transfer and cause considerable damage.
  5. Use only pencils when taking notes. Computers and tablets are ok.
  6. Do not lay paper or cards on an object when writing notes. This practice leaves an impression that will shorten the life of the material.
  7. Use the proper book supports if supplied by the Archives staff to support volumes.
  8. Do not lay books open face down, or employ harmful bookmarks such as pencils, rulers, other books, etc. Broken spines and torn pages are the result of such treatment.
  9. If paper slips must be used as bookmarks, please take extra care to remove all of them before returning the material. If left inside, they put a strain on the spine and can eventually cause discoloration of the paper.
  10. Do not attempt to open uncut pages in a book. Please consult the archivist in each case.
  11. Do not rearrange the order in which materials are delivered to you. No marks may be added to or erased from any material.
  12. Do not make tracings or rubbings of archival material without specific permission and assistance from the staff.
  13. While material from these collections is in your hands, it is your responsibility. Please respect it and handle it with care.
  14. Copying will be made by the staff.
  15. The WLPL Archives reserve the right to inspect all research material and all personal articles before a patron leaves the area.
  16. Use of materials may be restricted by donor request, if in poor physical condition, to protect personal privacy or legitimate proprietary rights, to maintain reasonable administrative confidentiality, or if unprocessed.

The WLPL Archives reserves the right to refuse photocopying requests.

Guidelines for Using WLPL Archives and Special Collections

General Rules

  • Do not bring purses, briefcases, backpacks, coats etc., into the WLPL Archives Research Area. Please leave these items at the reference desk.
  • No food or beverages are allowed in the Archives. Smoking and gum chewing are not permitted.
  • Please use only pencils for taking notes. Pens should not be used in the Archives.

Handling the Collection

  • Please make sure that your hands are clean.
  • Support bound materials by using a book futon or wedges.
  • Never place an open book face down.
  • Do not lean on books or documents.
  • Never write or trace on books or documents.
  • Be careful when opening books and turning pages; always lift the top corner of the page.
  • Do not use paper clips, rubber bands, post-it notes, or any three dimensional object for place markers. Paper bookmarkers are available at the reference desk.
  • Items in folders should be examined one at a time; please keep the items in order.
  • Do not remove items from their clear Mylar sleeves.
  • Cotton gloves must be worn when handling historic photographs.
  • When using materials housed in special enclosures, please be sure to put them back in the same way. If
  • you need help rehousing an item, please ask a staff person.
  • If the item you are using seems too fragile to handle, please ask Library staff to assist you.

Ordering Reproductions

Reproductions of the archival materials are considered on a case by case basis. Use these forms editable photocopy request  or  printable photocopy request form or see the reference librarian for the printed form and a consultation.

Permission to publish images taken from materials in the WLPL Archives must be obtained from the WLPL director. A fee structure is available upon request.

Thank you for your cooperation; following these rules will help us to preserve our collection so that researchers can continue to benefit from the information they contain.