Children's Department : JOB OPENING - High School Page


  • Sort and shelve books and other materials in the correct location of the children's department
  • Learn how to search for materials on the library's catalog and become proficient enough to teach patrons how to use the catalog computers
  • Work one weekend day, and at least one evening per week. Occasionally adjust work schedule to meet the needs of the department
  • Move tables and chairs and help prepare the children's activity room and second floor meeting rooms for programs and craft events
  • Help reorganize the meeting rooms and activity room after special programs
  • Complete a variety of tasks in the children's room in addition to sorting and shelving books, including preparation of program materials, folding fliers, and maintaining the area
  • Help with off-site events occasionally, such as The West Lafayette Farmer's Market
  • Help train and supervise teenage volunteers in such tasks as enrolling children in the summer reading club and giving club prizes to them
  • Perform other duties as assigned



  • Dependable – come to work on time as scheduled, ready to work
  • Able to work with minimal supervision
  • Friendly and courteous
  • Enjoy working with children and their parents or caregivers
  • Able to work with people of various cultures and backgrounds
  • Self-starter
  • Attentive to details, especially when sorting and shelving books
  • Able to alphabetize and order numbers
  • Able to lift and carry 25 pounds
  • Must be currently enrolled in local high school or school-recognized home school program
  • Must be at least 15 and able to get a work permit from school


  • Familiarity with children's books

Email resume or letter of interest to Ms. Linda Klein, West Lafayette Public Library This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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