Computer guidelines

  • To ensure access for all patrons, the West Lafayette Public Library has installed Envisionware software on all computers to manage time limits. The software requires patrons to enter their library card number to access a computer. If access is denied, patrons should see Circulation staff to have their accounts updated.
  • Patrons must enter their own library card number only. Violations may result in loss of computer access.
  • Patrons are granted up to one hundred fifty (150) minutes of computer time per day. The software will send a message if computer is inactive for 5 minutes. If the message is ignored, the computer will shut down. Patrons may request (and will be given) more time as long as computers are available.
  • Patrons should lock computers if they leave to get books or print jobs, etc., in order to avoid being shut down for inactivity. While you may be able to logon again, your information will be lost. To lock a computer, click on the lock button at the top of the screen. Time will continue to count down, even when computer is locked. (In other words, if you have 15 minutes left in your session & you lock the computer, it will be shut down in 15 minutes, regardless of when you return.)
  • Patrons may not be allowed to log in 30 minutes or closer to closing. All computers will shut down 20 minutes before closing. A warning will be given before shut down. The West Lafayette Public Library is not responsible for loss or damage to any data or storage device resulting from shut down.
  • Only children and children with a parent or caregiver may use the computers in the Children’s Area. Only young adults up to age 18 may use the computers in the Young Adult Area.
  • No Internet Access Option: The West Lafayette Public Library offers parents of minor children the option of NOT allowing their children access to the Internet. To exercise this option, please ask the Circulation staff.
  • Patrons may not alter hardware, software or operating systems on any computer. Attempts to circumvent or defeat any mechanism put in place by the West Lafayette Public Library to manage the network will be subject to immediate loss of computer access.
  • The West Lafayette Public Library computers do not allow users to retain documents or personal files on the hard drive. Anything saved on any computer will not be available in subsequent sessions. The West Lafayette Public Library is not responsible for loss of data that may occur when saving or opening documents.