Board of Trustees

The West Lafayette Public Library strives to be our community’s center for lifelong learning, the collector of our community’s written and audio-visual heritage, and the gateway to resources within and beyond the Library’s walls.

The Library Board of Trustees has been in existence since its formation in 1921.

All Library Board of Trustees members are appointed by elected government bodies and all members reside within the West Lafayette Public Library District.

Library Board of Trustees members:

Anastasia Krutulis, President
Patricia Garrott, Vice President
Martha Altschaeffl, Secretary
Mark Pugh, Treasurer
Shelley Lowenberg De-Boer, Member
Jim Knapp, Member
John Meyers, Member

May 8, 2024 Board of Trustees Meeting Agenda

Archived Meeting Agendas

Archived Meeting Minutes

West Lafayette Public Library By-Laws