September Children’s Department News

Hi Everyone!
The WLPL is not offering programs for children and their families at this time. We do offer limited days and hours of service and curbside collection of holds.
Current schedule of the days and times the library is open:
Mondays: Closed
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, & Fridays: Open noon to 4 + Curbside collection of holds available from 4 to 6 p.m.
Saturdays: Open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. + Curbside collection of holds from 4 to 6 p.m.
Sundays: Closed

Patrons should enter the library through the doors on Columbia Street, which is on the south side of the library (the side that faces the garage).

The gates at the garage are now operating, so if you park in the garage, you will need to take a ticket to raise the gate. You will then get one free hour of parking.

Masks for all patrons age 3 and older are required. If you forget a mask, we have disposable masks at the door.
Visits are limited to 30 minutes.

Check the library’s website before you make a trip to the library. Because of the pandemic, we might need to change hours of service or close the library for a few days for extra cleaning.

We encourage patrons who do not feel comfortable being in the library to place desired materials on hold and collect them from the library during the curbside collection hours. Call the library after you arrive and then collect your materials at the table in the vestibule of the Columbia Street entrance. The materials will already be checked out to you, so there is no need to show your library card.

We will offer craft bags again in late September. We will also provide craft bags for Halloween and other fall and winter holidays, since we will not be able to offer our special holiday crafts events.

August Children’s Department News

Hi Everyone!
The library will be continue to be open with limited hours Tuesday through Saturday. We will also be filling requests for materials. Read about Contactless Pickup to learn when and how you may collect held items for your family.
August hours: Tuesday through Friday: Open from 12:00 to 4 p.m
Saturday: Open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Curbside collection of holds: Tuesday to Saturday: 4 to 6 p.m.,
Library closed Sunday and Monday, with no curbside holds collection.
If we need to reduce the hours we are open for any reason, we will post it on our website. As always, please call the library before you visit, if you have any questions about our hours.

Parking Garage: The gates on the parking garage on Columbia Street are now operating.
1. Take a ticket from the machine as you drive into the garage. Everyone who patronizes the library and area businesses gets one hour of free parking per day. People who are in the library get free parking for their visit, but they must get their ticket validated before they leave the library.
2. Ask a staff member to validate your ticket at a customer service desk as you leave the library if for some reason you are at the library for longer than the current 30 minute visit limit.
3. Scan the ticket at the exit as you leave the garage.
4. Please note: If you use the parking area during the hours when the library is not open, you will need to pay $3/hour. (Credit/debit cards only. No cash payment is possible.) If you have any problems exiting the garage, there is a call button to press to speak to a garage service employee,

We are excited about seeing our families again. However, we need to give you a little more information to prepare your children for their visits. In order to be able to clean the building carefully every day and keep things germ-free, we have made some changes.
Masks will be required for all adults and for children older than 2.
Visits will be limited to 30 minutes.
Early Learning & internet computers will be turned off.
One self-check station and one catalog computer will be available in the children’s area. There will also be 1 to 2 staff members to assist you at our information desk.
The castle area will be closed, as it would be impossible to clean it after every child plays there.
No puzzles or coloring pages.

Craft Bags
Since we are not allowed to have our usual programs, we will be sending home crafts for children to complete at home. Craft bags will be available for families on the days we are open and during the “contactless holds pick up hours.” There will be a limit of one bag per child per week. The bags will be on a table in the vestibule of the Columbia Street entrance, next to the table with held items to be collected, and on tables in the children’s area when the library is open. Bags from previous weeks will also be available, as long as the supplies last.

The craft bags will be available weekly until August 15. From September through December, there will be craft bags two times per month. The theme for August 10 – 15 will be Mystery Week. Children will make a paper magnifying glass and complete a scavenger hunt at home. After they have found all the objects in the hunt and drawn pictures of them on the scavenger hunt game board, they may bring the game board to the library and collect a small prize during the hours the library is open. Children may collect their scavenger hunt prize until Saturday, September 5.

May Children’s Department News

Dear Parents:
Happy Spring! The children’s department staff misses our families and hope that you are all healthy and coping with staying in your homes, instead of enjoying your many activities, including visiting the library.
We have been busy ordering and processing new books for your children, creating materials for our summer reading club, making room on the shelves for new books, and working with the architects to finalize the plans for the construction of the new children’s area in the library.

Bad news: We do not yet know when the library will be opening again. We are planning a contactless “curbside pickup” of reserved items and intend to start that service on May 20. (Please see Nick’s announcement about this on the website.) We are developing plans for reopening the library at some time in the summer, too.
We will not be able to offer the “Lap Sit”, “Time for Twos”, “Music & Fun”, and Preschool Story and Craft programs until late summer or possibly early fall. Instead of lego builders club meetings and craft and science events during the summer, we will be creating weekly craft bags for children. (More information about the craft bags will be available when we open again.)
Good news: We will be offering summer reading clubs for children, teens, and adults. They will just be a little different this year …..

Our Children’s Summer Reading Club is for children who are ages 1 through 12. (Students who are entering 7th grade may participate in the children’s department club or the teen club.)
The program is for listeners as well as readers.
Children are not required to have a library card, but the registering adult must have an email address.
Children will have the choice of recording the number of pages, books, or minutes read.
Everyone will be able to register online. Parents will need to register their children. Check our newsletter and the library website in June to learn how to register your families.

Register: June 15 to July 26
Read: June 15 to July 26
Collect Prizes: Dates to be announced after July 1

IF the library is able to reopen during summer reading time, children may register in person at that time, if they prefer to use the paper forms to record their reading activity. Also, all children who register, either online or in person, will be able to collect their summer reading bags as soon as the library opens.
We will announce the dates of prize collection after we know when the library will be open again.
Happy Reading!