Propose a program

Thank you for your interest in presenting a program for West Lafayette Public Library. We are excited to receive program proposals and recommendations from our patrons, qualified speakers, and performers. Programs representing and celebrating the diversity of our community are encouraged.

Library-sponsored programs are open to all members of the community of an appropriate age for the activity.

If you have an idea for a program or would like to present on a topic please read the below guidelines before filling out the Program Proposal form. 

Proposal Guidelines

  • Proposals must be received at least three months in advance of any intended presentation date.
  • Proposals received by the Library will be evaluated by the Programming Staff committee on several factors including budget, qualifications of the presenter, timing, and interest to the community. Library staff may request additional details or that content be adjusted to increase chances for approval.
  • No presenter may at any time sell products or services in the Library or create an atmosphere that markets specific products or services. The purpose of Library programs should be informational, not promotional.
  • Certain program topics, including children’s storytimes and library instruction, are provided only by library staff or specially approved library partners.
  • Presenters may not receive tips or monetary gifts from attendees.
  • Compensation for library workshops is generally $50-$150 per session and is made in check form after completion of the program. Factors taken into consideration include but are not limited to: subject matter, complexity of content, materials cost, and presenter experience. A program with multiple presenters will receive one lump sum.
  • Programs with religious or political content must be presented from a scholarly point of view and avoid recruiting and/or endorsing particular candidates in order for approval to be considered. The Library may not appear to endorse or promote any one belief system, ideology, candidate or political party. Presenters who wish to host a religious or political event may do so as a library patron by requesting a meeting room. This event will not be sponsored by the Library.
  • Presentations must sustain a welcoming and safe atmosphere for all participants.
  • Performers or presenters hired for programs intended to serve those under 18 years of age may undergo a background screening.
  • Family members or relatives of library employees are not eligible to receive payment from WLPL. Approved programs can be presented on a volunteer basis only.
  • Library staff may cancel or end a program at any time, including during the program.

Program proposal form

Tips for a successful proposal

  • Successful programs are typically 30 – 90 minutes long. Longer events may want to consider incorporating a break or a program series. Drop-in programs, such as activity stations or open-house style events, are also an option.
  • Presenters are strongly encouraged to visit the West Lafayette Public Library and the Creativity Lab before submitting a program proposal.
  • Be as descriptive as possible when describing the content of the event and the resulting project (if applicable). A catchy name is not as important as quality content.
  • The library may be able to provide certain tools or materials. Please contact the library before submitting your proposal to get more details.
  • Clear and varied examples of your work are helpful when evaluating a program!
  • Consider how this program’s timing will work for both you and your attendees. An adult program may do better in the evenings or on weekends. A children’s program will not do well during school hours. Programs held during school breaks or around holidays may not be well-attended.
  • Library staff for the relevant department will review your submission within two weeks. You will be contacted by email or phone whether your proposal has been approved or denied. 
  • Please contact the Library at 765-743-2261 or with any questions about this process.