Children’s Crafts Bags

Children’s craft bags are now available!
For children ages 2 to 12.
Craft Bags will be on a table just inside the entrance to the children’s department during the hours the library is open:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday: 12 to 4 p.m.
Saturday: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Craft Bags will also continue to be available during the times of contactless curbside holds pickup.
Tuesday through Saturday: 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Families do not need to call the library when they arrive. Children may look at the samples taped to the windows and then reach into the vestibule and take the selected bag.
Crafts will be on display in the windows of the Columbia Street entrance to the building. (This is the one that faces the parking structure.)
Children may select 1 bag every week of summer reading, until August 15.
If you have any questions, please call the library and ask to speak to a children’s department staff member.
The theme for the week of August 10th is: Mystery Crafts
Make a paper magnifying glass. Special this week: Mystery Week Scavenger Hunt! Find 10 objects in your home and draw pictures of them on the scavenger hunt game board. After you complete the scavenger hunt, come to the library for a small prize. You may collect the prizes until Saturday, September 5.
There are 6 activity/coloring pages, too.
This will be the last craft bag until September.

Note: Craft bags from previous weeks will be available on tables next to the current week’s crafts as long as supplies last.

Teen Summer Reading 2020

Come to programs! Complete challenges! Read, read, read! Get those sweet prizes!

Log your minutes read with ReaderZone and earn bonus points by attending programs, volunteering at the library (tentative), and completing pop-up challenges!

Sign up for our Remind classroom (@wlplteen) or check back here to find the latest information on Summer Reading.

Teen SRP is free and open to those entering 7th – 12th grades or homeschool equivalent. Email with questions.


Points & Prizes

Earn prizes at 2,500 minutes read and 5,000 minutes read and recorded in ReaderZone!

Win bonus points by attending programs or completing weekly challenges, and get a prize at 10 and 15 points!

  • Participate in a program – 2 pts each (24 maximum)
  • Complete a challenge – 1 pt each (6 maximum)
  • Volunteer in the teen department at the library – tentative

Prize pick-up will be determined by library operations and will change throughout the program. Please contact us with questions.

Programs & Challenges

We will be using Zoom to meet and some programs will require apps.
Registration required for each program by 1:00 each program day**.


Tuesday, June 16th – 3:00
CANCELLED – Summer Book Party

Thursday, June 18th – 2:00
Predict Your Story

Tuesday, June 23rd – 3:00
Summer Book Party

Thursday, June 25th – 2:00
Find-it Scavenger Hunt
Scavr app required.


Tuesday, June 30th – 3:00
Summer Book Party

Thursday, July 2nd – 2:00
Write Your Story

Tuesday, July 7th – 3:00
Summer Book Party

Thursday, July 9th – 2:00
The Joy of Coloring Art-a-Long

Tuesday, July 14th – 3:00
Summer Book Party

Thursday, July 16th – 2:00
Trivia Time
Kahoot app required

Tuesday, July 21st – 3:00
Summer Book Party

Thursday, July 23rd – 2:00
Zenned Out**
Register by July 17 for supplies!

Weekly Challenge

July 20 – Capture some Happiness

Share a quote or take a picture of something that you find to be calming, inspiring, or that motivates you to be happy! Submit here.



2020 Summer Reading Programs

June 15th – July 26th

Reading programs for everyone this summer at the West Lafayette Public Library, even from afar! Find out how all ages can play.

All programs will enjoy using the ReaderZone app or site to record their reading! Instructions for joining can be found within each program page.

Having trouble with ReaderZone? Fill out our help form!

Children (age 1-12)
DIG DEEPER! Read, Investigate, Discover

Track reading and listening by books, pages, or minutes to complete your reading goal. Collect new crafts to do every week! Read and create all summer long!

Teen (entering grades 7-12)
Imagine Your Story

Imagine Your Story banner

Attend programs! Complete challenges! Read, read, read! Get those sweet prizes!
Log your minutes read and earn bonus points by attending programs, volunteering at the library, and completing pop-up challenges. Registration begins June 1.

Adult (age 18+)
Imagine Your Story

Take the Sorting Quiz to be assigned a team, then start pulling your group ahead by accruing points! The winning team will be treated to a prize! Registration begins June 1.

Adult Summer Reading 2020

This summer, the West Lafayette Public Library wants you to
imagine your story.

Over the course of six weeks, you are invited to join a team, earn points,
and compete to win prizes from the library and our community sponsors.

Program Dates:

Monday, June 15th
Sunday, July 26th

This program has ended.


Final Team Standings

73,653 points 67,903 points 61,780 points
BlackPanther69 – 603
PurpleCat5 – 1715
RedOtter6 – 4452
OrangeSquirrel22 – 0
PurpleWolf4 – 20000
RedRabbit54 – 2395
PurpleTurtle92 – 5100
PurpleElephant8 – 1140
OrangeFish77 – 15
PurpleHippo7 – 11101
BluePug10 – 687
CoralCat19 – 4273
RedShark42 – 929
PurpleBunny2020 – 0
RubyHummingbird7 – 30
PinkUnicorn7 – 2505
PeachyPinkPanda55 – 2331
Purplecat38 – 45
Yellowbird11 – 0
PurpleCat19 – 1880
PurpleKoala8 – 602
Bluedog26 – 7141
YellowBear27 – 3325
BlueCat6 – 3384
PurpleKoala27 – 2965
PurpleBear13 – 3270
TurquoiseDoggie5 – 3565
YellowKoala3 – 1500
OrangeOpossum3 – 5428
GreenDog47 – 6562
YellowDog80 – 0
EmeraldDog2 – 6255
BlueOctopus42 – 9193
AquaDolphin20 – 3400
YellowDog8 – 149
UndecidedKid3 – 1705
GreenLion7 – 9770
BlueDog13 – 3086
MintWalrus41 – 0
OrangeTurtle – 3965
GreenHedgehog13 – 2025
GreenDog5 – 0
TurquoiseCat3 – 2255
Bluedog24 -1054
PurpleDog39 – 1756
BlueSloth13 – 1898
BlueSugarGlider7 – 0
PurplePenguin21 – 2125
GreenCat17 – 2127
BlueBird56 – 6437
TealChinchilla719 – 0
LilacElephant8 – 937
BlueDog29 – 0
BlueBorderCollie7 – 3250
BlueOtter7 – 2607
PurpleOwl7 – 4310
BlueDog7 – 4380
BlueTurtle16 – 4812
BlueFish11 – 16665
GreenElephant44 – 821
PurpleDog14 – 6627
RedSquirrel100 – 20
GreenDog26 – 2609
YellowHorse25 – 435
BlueTiger1 – 0
BlueCat28 – 0
WhiteTurtle25 – 1720

How To Earn Points For Your Team

Program Schedule

For more information, see the Adults page for full program flyers.

All programs are subject to change in accordance with COVID-19 restrictions and recommendations.

June 2020

Sunday, June 21st – 2:00
Fantasy Trivia (virtual)
Registration required.

Sunday, June 28th – 2:00
Fairy Jar Craft (virtual)
Registration required.

July 2020

Sunday, July 5th – 2:00
Nailed It! Decorating Competition (virtual)
Registration required.

Sunday, July 12 – 2:00
Dragon Egg Craft (virtual)
Registration required.

Community Sponsors

Crew Carwash | NoPileups

May Children’s Department News

Dear Parents:
Happy Spring! The children’s department staff misses our families and hope that you are all healthy and coping with staying in your homes, instead of enjoying your many activities, including visiting the library.
We have been busy ordering and processing new books for your children, creating materials for our summer reading club, making room on the shelves for new books, and working with the architects to finalize the plans for the construction of the new children’s area in the library.

Bad news: We do not yet know when the library will be opening again. We are planning a contactless “curbside pickup” of reserved items and intend to start that service on May 20. (Please see Nick’s announcement about this on the website.) We are developing plans for reopening the library at some time in the summer, too.
We will not be able to offer the “Lap Sit”, “Time for Twos”, “Music & Fun”, and Preschool Story and Craft programs until late summer or possibly early fall. Instead of lego builders club meetings and craft and science events during the summer, we will be creating weekly craft bags for children. (More information about the craft bags will be available when we open again.)
Good news: We will be offering summer reading clubs for children, teens, and adults. They will just be a little different this year …..

Our Children’s Summer Reading Club is for children who are ages 1 through 12. (Students who are entering 7th grade may participate in the children’s department club or the teen club.)
The program is for listeners as well as readers.
Children are not required to have a library card, but the registering adult must have an email address.
Children will have the choice of recording the number of pages, books, or minutes read.
Everyone will be able to register online. Parents will need to register their children. Check our newsletter and the library website in June to learn how to register your families.

Register: June 15 to July 26
Read: June 15 to July 26
Collect Prizes: Dates to be announced after July 1

IF the library is able to reopen during summer reading time, children may register in person at that time, if they prefer to use the paper forms to record their reading activity. Also, all children who register, either online or in person, will be able to collect their summer reading bags as soon as the library opens.
We will announce the dates of prize collection after we know when the library will be open again.
Happy Reading!

Colorful Mind Virtual Exhibit

We were disappointed to announce our temporary closure so soon after this exhibit was hung. Though we know nothing can compare to seeing art in person, we are happy to share some images from the gallery alongside a beautiful video created by Ms. Choi.
To view slightly larger versions of each photo, right-click on the image and choose “Open image in new tab.”

Colorful Mind
A collection of artwork created by young local artists
Curated by Jong-un Choi

As part of their commitment to bring art into the community, the Colorful Mind youth art exhibition is dedicated to the educational and artistic advancement of the young talented artists in the West Lafayette community. The purpose of this show is to provide all young budding artists with opportunities to advance their talent. This exhibition is a valuable incentive for our young people; it encourages an appreciation for art lovers and reflects the fine quality of art instruction and talent which exist in our community.